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Legit Melt

Legit Melt has it all with their fully clinical dosed formula in 3 LEGIT delicious flavours.

Formulated to provide smooth energy, increase the calories you burn through the day, suppress appetite and withdraw water retention. Melt has it all!!

  • Acetyl L Carnitine - May Assist in Accelerating Fat Loss
  • GBBGO - Boost Metabolism Function
  • Bitter Orange - Eliminate Hunger & Cravings
  • Alpha GPC / Theobroma / Juniper Berry - Improve Mood & Focus
  • Dandelion Root - Withdraw Water retention

Available in 4 delicious flavours – Juicy Strawberry, Raspberry Rage, Geeky Grape and Mango Madness.

Melt by Legit

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