Our Classes

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Rise & Grind

Tuesday & Thursday | 45 mins
Want a fun way to wake up in the mornings? This session is super fun and fast passed, guaranteed sweat and calorie burn.  

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Yoga Power

Thursday | 30 mins

Strengthen, tighten and tone. A perfect way to start your Thursday.

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Yoga Stretch

Tuesday & Thursday | 30 Mins

Enjoy this soothing session, talk about our week ahead and Relax.

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Mums & Bubs

Tuesday, Thursday | 30 min
Not just for the mums! If this time suits you, come along. Sweat, laugh and burn calories with other like minded women. 


Strength & Power 

Monday 5.30PM & Friday 9AM| 30 mins
Build strength and work on yourself every Monday & Friday. Always incorporating weights and using a variety of equipment.

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Strength Monday FFM

Monday 9.30AM | 30 min
Work out and target new muscle areas each week! This ones on us :)


Cardio Shredder & Boxing Blast

Tuesday, Thursday | 30 min
Circuit training, HIIT, Tababa, AMRAP or just a hardcore session!

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Abs & Booty Burn

Wednesday 5.30PM | 30 min
Build your 6 pack and tone your bum every Wednesday with us, prepare for the burn!

Fitness Class

Metafit FFM

Wednesday 5.30PM | 30 min

Free for members 
High intensity 30 minutes of non stop fun with Sharon!