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You in the mood of treating yourself? 
or maybe its someones Bday? .... dont be silly, we all know this present is for you! 

Look no further, we have you covered!!! 

These Packs are prepared when ordered and packed with LOVE ...
We know you will love them, we promise!!! 

Every pack will be a complete suprise, We Promise you will love it! 

The really really fun pack - Now this is the big bad boy! with a HUGE range of quality products you will not be disapointed.... Cmon, you know you want to.

The pretty keen pack - Not wanting the whole shabang.. thats ok Boo we got you!!! 
Get the variety you want just in a smaller portion. 

The little but sweet pack - Get the goods with this pack, dont spend big but still receive the sweetest gift! 

We promise you will love it

Fit Chick

  • What is in our box? - Its a suprise, You will like it... We promise 
    Can i return? - You wont want to, You will like it... We promise
    Can i choose what i want?- Its our suprise to you .. We promise it will be what you want.

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